3/10 Much like last year’s “Minions”, Key & Peele prove that perhaps they are better in small doses. Stretched over a full length feature film, they run out of steam. I think I laughed more in five minute “Key & Peele” sketches than I did over the course of this whole movie. There are a couple laughs and the kitten is adorable (although that doesn’t really make a movie better) but most jokes just don’t land or the ones that do they turn into a running gag that goes on for too long and overstays its welcome…just like this movie did. Disappointing considering how funny “Key & Peele” have been in the past.

#CATastrophic / #YouHaveCatToBeKittenMe / #MethodActor / #SexApeele / #NotMyForte / #WeHaveClearanceClarence

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