8.5/10 If you love smaller scaled, intimate stories with only a few characters like I do, this is a great contained film. A big step up from “Cloverfield”, this film didn’t even need to take place in the “Cloverfield” universe for it to be good. Solid acting, a slow burn buildup of the tension, a great script and strong pacing made this a very solid watch. Doesn’t have the shaky cam that “Cloverfield” had so if that turned you off in that film, no worries here. Only flaws were a couple moments that were too unrealistic in an otherwise very believable movie and some unanswered questions. I strongly recommend this film.

#CrimsonAndClover / #CloverfieldOfDreams / #BradleyCooperPhoningItIn / #MonstersBrink / #HelterShelter / #DeathProof

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