4/10 Shailene Woodley remains strong but this film is a mess. Much like other YA properties (“The Hunger Games”, “The Maze Runner”) this series started strong and just gets weaker with each passing installment. The direction was lazy, the plot was predictable and seemed recycled, characters are two dimensional and never show any growth and you just stop caring pretty quickly. Woodley’s performance, some of the action (half the visual effects were solid and the other half were embarrassing) and so far, the year’s best original score (I definitely didn’t see that coming) are the only positives in this otherwise forgettable waste of time.

#TheFaultInOurCoStars / #TrisTrisBangBang / #IAmNumberFour / #IPledgeAllegiantToTheHag / #LastFactionHero / #BuildAWallAndHaveChicagoPayForIt

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