3/10 “Olympus Has Fallen” was awful as well (not sure which is worse since I haven’t seen the first since it came out in theaters) so this was no surprise. Absolutely ludicrous plot, no logic or common sense went into making this film, extremely generic/forgettable and most baffling, a surprisingly number of good actors are in the film in supporting roles but they all are just clearly here for the paycheck. Only good things are it is refreshing to see R rated action films in the age of neutered PG-13 action films (“A Good Day to Die Hard”, “Alien vs Predator”, etc) and Gerard Butler is a very likable action hero. I want to see more of him on screen.

#TheUglyTruth / #MyIQHasFallen / #300ReasonsNotToSeeThisFilm / #YouBrokeMyEckHart / #LondonBridgeIsFallingDown / #NationalSecuritysEuropeanVacation

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