7.5/10 I’m already ready to get a lot of hate in the comments but here is the thing. This is a good movie. It isn’t super great and you can even say it disappointed you but to say it is bad or sucks just makes no sense. I saw it twice (once in gorgeous 3D) to really get a feel for the film and let it soak in and it holds up. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons. Cons first:
1. Bit off a little bit more than it could chew/a lot going on at once.
2. Doomsday as a villain (I don’t like villains that don’t have a personality/can’t talk/just smash stuff like Godzilla).
3. What stops Batman and Superman’s fight (MARTHA!)
4. How many times do we need to see the death of Bruce’s parents and him as a boy in the cave with the bats flying all around him?
1. Batman all around. Affleck did a great job and they made Batman a total badass which includes the best Batman fight scene ever put to film (while rescuing Martha). Also great that he is older and already established.
2. Great additional casting. Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Holly Hunter as the Senator were great additions to an already stacked cast.
3. The fight scenes were awesome.
4. Despite being a two and a half hour movie, the pacing was solid and I never found myself bored or staring at my watch. Some people have told me it started slow but I disagree. I thought the Superman/General Zod fight scene from Bruce’s perspective was an amazing start to the film.
5. Little things like the production design. In the Batcave, everything except for the chairs (so the computers, monitors, desks, etc.) are all hanging from the ceiling like a bat would. I didn’t even notice that the first time but that kind of attention to detail was great.
6. Wonder Woman, although not in the film for super long as totally kick ass and she got me pumped for her solo movie.
7. Despite what haters say, the Justice League stuff didn’t feel shoehorned in at all to me and I am glad they didn’t spend too much time on them because that would have distracted from the already ton of stuff that was going on already.
8. Technical aspects like the score, visual effects and cinematography were top notch. I already mentioned the production design.
9. Upon rewatching “Man of Steel” before this one, this film is light years ahead of it. That may not make this a better movie just because it is better than the previous installment, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.
10. Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine sing not one but TWO songs in this film. If you have keen ears you will hear him.
1. Lex Luthor. One on hand Jesse Eisenberg is a fantastic actor and I really am glad they took the character in a new direction instead of just repeating what Kevin Spacey and Gene Hackman had done before him. On the other hand, at times the character/performance were a little too over the top/made me roll my eyes a little bit.

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