7.5/10 It’s very easy to determine if you would enjoy this film or not. If you enjoyed “Borat”, “The Dictator” or the other Sacha Baron Cohen gross out comedies, you’ll enjoy this. If you hate his previous films, you’ll want to avoid this film like it’s herpes. I enjoyed his previous movies so I found this film to be pretty hilarious. The story is completely ridiculous and there is little in the way of character development but even though the film is pretty disgusting in parts, I found it funny and memorable. You should know your own film/comedy tastes before you decide to watch this film or not.

#DictatorTot or #DickTaterTot / #TheBrothersGrimm / #TheElephantMan / #NobbyWhenNatureCalls / #NobbyTheHouseElf / #PreciousBasedOnTheFatAssTushInGunFire

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