8.5/10 Best film of 2016 so far. One of the best horror movies I have seen in years. It doesn’t rely on the usual jump scares like 99% of horror films today do. This film is extremely atmospheric and unsettling and it stays with you afterwards while keeping you wondering the whole time you’re watching it. The Old English (not to be confused with Olde English) takes a little getting used to but the performances are solid, the music adds a lot and I was satisfied with the ending. If you like horror films, this is the one to see in 2016.

#TheWitchIsBackByEltonJohn / #BlackMagicWoman / #TheScareWitchProject / #PartyAtTheGoatHouse / #TheJonasBrother / #LastWitchEffort / #WitchPerfect / #WitchesGetStitches

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