3/10 Do you love terrible dialogue? A total disregard of character development until it is rushed upon you unrealistically at the very end? Video games? The most over use of CGI ever put to celluloid (makes “The Hobbit” films look like a documentary)? Then boy do I have a film for you! The only reason I gave one point was for some of the fight scenes and the other two points are for if you get drunk and rip on the film (“Mystery Science Theater 3K” style), you will really enjoy it and have a laugh. This film is so bad, instead of my usual 6 hashtags I am giving you all 19 hashtags!!!
#RaGodOfSushi / #IfIOnlyHadABrain / #BlindedByTheLight / #IfIOnlyHadAHeart / #FlameOn / #GameSetMatch / #MileyOsiris / #OOOOsiris / #TopRaMan / #ANewAbyss / #IFeelGypt / #IfYouEnjoyedThisFilmYouAreInDaNile / #BecksGreatestHits / #OneEyedNoHornedFlyingGoldenPeopleBeater / #ThereWillBeGold / #MythologyBusters / #EgyptHasFallen / #HoraceAndCasper / #BehindBlueEyes

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