8/10 Michael Bay’s most mature film by far and his best film since 1996’s “The Rock”. Bay sets aside his usual gratuitous sexualized female characters and potty humor and puts forth a very emotionally impactful film that every American should see. The action is well done, it is very militarily accurate (with one minor exception) and the fact that Americans died and didn’t get the help they needed in time should piss you off if you give a crap about this country. Complaints would be the two lines of dialogue (one being super cheesy, the other being something not militarily accurate) and the supporting characters were pretty two dimensional. It is no “Black Hawk Down” but still a must see.
#Killary2016 / #TheFinestHours / #JDAMBeasley / #PainAndSlain / #GeorgeWeaponsCacheMendez / #LeatherJarHeads

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